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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact R&G|RIDE if I have any problems?

Feel free to email us at support@randgride.com for all general enquiries or call our support line at +260 963 085 136.

What if I have concerns about safety?

We cover all our drivers and passengers with insurance for every ride and R&G|RIDE prioritizes the safety of all our passengers and drivers so rest assured that the R&G|RIDE team will do its level best to assist you at all times.

How can I learn more about driving with R&G|RIDE?

You may watch the training video  available on our website to learn more about how to use the Driver App and how to be a 5-star driver. 

What is the criteria for becoming a R&G|RIDE driver?

You will need to have a valid (full) driving license in order to qualify. Your car also needs to be in a good condition, preferably with little to no cosmetic damage.

I already have a job, so can I just drive a few hours in my off-time?

Absolutely! You choose when you drive. Some ride share drivers make more than enough just driving nights and weekends.

How do I get paid?

Drivers get a portion of ride fees from passengers. Money is deposited into your account each week automatically.

What are R&G|RIDE requirements?

You must be at least 21 and own a smart phone. As part of our

approval process, you’ll undergo a criminal and national background check.

Your car needs to have four external door handles and all total seat

belts. You must be a covered party on your car’s insurance, have valid vehicle registration and road tax. All of this will be confirmed during your vehicle inspection. 

Is R&G|RIDE safe?

Our community’s safety is our top priority. We run extensive background checks on drivers and designed numerous safety features into our app. Passengers must provide a valid credit card, personal details and phone number for identity verification purposes. Passengers also rate the trip at the end of a trip, so that we’re always upholding our high community standards.

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